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Best Light Hold Hair Sprays

Best Light Hold Hair Sprays

Here are a list of the best light hold hair sprays that are wonderful hairstyling products that helps keep your hairstyle in place without actually weighing down your hair. Not only dry up quickly, but also it adds gloss and [...]

February 13, 2012 About Your Hair, Hair Help, Hair Type 1, Hair Type 1a, Hair Type 1b, Hair Type 1c, Hair Type 2, Hair Type 2a, Hair Type 2b, Hair Type 2c
hair type 1c

Learn All About Hair Type 1C and Tips on Maintaining Healthy Hair

Hair Type 1C is straight, but the individual stands are very thick. Those who have this type of hair generally have challenges keeping a curl. Most people who have hair type 1c are typically European ancestry, particularly Hungarian, Polish, Norwegians, and [...]

December 30, 2011 About Your Hair, Hair Type 1, Hair Type 1c