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Learn All About Hair Type 4B and Tips on Maintaining Healthy Hair

Hair type 4b is in between curly and kinky hair. It appears to be tightly coiled, fuzzy and the texture is much coarser and brittle than hair type 4a. Hair type 4b has a cottony texture with a less defined [...]

December 30, 2011 About Your Hair, Hair Type 4b

All About Hair Type 4 and 4A, 4B, and 4C Hair Types

Hair Type 4 can be described as very curly, coily, or kinky. Even though styling can challenging, with the right maintenance, it can be very easy to do! This hair type is most common among African descent, Latin, biracial, and [...]

December 30, 2011 About Your Hair, Hair Help, Hair Type 4, Hair Type 4a, Hair Type 4b, Hair Type 4c