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The Best Mousse For Wet And Wavy Hair for Hair Types 2 and 3

Using the best mousse for wet and wavy hair for Hair Types 2 and 3 varies. Products like Wet N Wavy Frizz Free Mousse and TRESemme Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse can do wonders. But, there is a technique to get [...]

February 14, 2012 About Your Hair, Hair Type 2, Hair Type 2a, Hair Type 2b, Hair Type 2c, Hair Type 3, Hair Type 3a, Hair Type 3b, Hair Type 3c
hair type 3c

Learn All About Hair Type 3C and Tips on Maintaining Healthy Hair

Hair type 3C has tight curls in corkscrew shapes. These curls tend to be kinky and each one has a large number of individual strands of hair closely packed into it. The width of each corkscrew is about that of [...]

December 30, 2011 About Your Hair, Hair Type 3c