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Learn All About Hair Type 2A and Tips on Maintaining Healthy Hair

hair type 2aHair Type 2A

Wavy hair that is relatively thin, silky, and oh so easy to manage is Hair Type 2A.

Hair Type 2A is one of the easiest to manage and it tends not to bounce or frizz, even in the toughest situations. The hair waves are in a shape of a perfect super loose ‘S’ and can be styled relatively easily. Whether it is straightened or curled, this thin and silky hair is completely compliant.

Hair type 2A textures can be found nearly everywhere in the world, but it is very common in Central America, Armenia, Switzerland, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Caring for hair type 2a can be simple if you take precautions when you style it. This hair type is thin, and it must be treated delicately. Before straightening or curling your hair, apply thermal protection cream like Davines Mellow Thermal Protecting Shield with Rosemary Extract or spray like ABBA by Pure & Natural Hair Care PURE THERMAL PROTECT SPRAY.

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