Coconut Milk Conditioner

Ingredients 1 avocado Organic coconut milk Instructions Peel and pit avocado. Mash avocado and slowly add coconut milk until smooth and the consistency of hair conditioner. Work through hair to ends. Rinse after 15 minutes. [...]

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Horsetail Hair Rinse

Ingredients 3 teaspoons dried horsetail Instructions Steep horsetail in boiled water for 20 minutes. Shampoo hair and rinse thoroughly. Poor horsetail rinse through hair and leave in for ten minutes. Rinse with clear water. [...]

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Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment with Sea Buckthorn

Ingredients Jojoba Oil Sea Buckthorn Oil Flaxseed Oil Pumpkin Seed Extract Tamanu Seed Oil Muria Puama Extract Green Tea Extract Bergamot Fruit Oil Essential Oils of Pink Grapefruit Atlas Cedarwood Patchouli Rosemary Thyme Arnica Extract Sea Kelp Extract Burdock Root Extract Vitamin E Instructions Shake well before use. Spray the treatment onto your scalp hair [...]

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Ginger Dandruff Treatment

Ingredients Ginger root 1 teaspoon organic sesame oil 1 teaspoon lemon juice Instructions Squeeze ginger root through press to obtain one tablespoon of juice. Mix all ingredients. Apply to scalp and let dry before shampooing. Repeat three times a week. [...]

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Golden Natural Hair dye with Saffron

Ingredients 1 cup saffron threads 2 cups of distilled water 1 tablespoon lemon juice This recipe gives hair a rich golden tint – it’s a good one for grey roots in blonde hair. Instructions Put a large pinch of saffron threads into a large jug. Boil 2 cups (500ml) distilled water, then pour over the [...]

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Natural Hair Smoothers: Ice Cube Frizz Control

Ingredients Ice cubes Instructions Place an ice cube on top of a section of hair. Hold it in place with cupped hands, one placed under the hair, the other over the ice cube; Pull the ice cube down the hair shaft, from top to bottom of the head; This can be done on wet or dry hair. *Rinsing [...]

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Maple Syrup Hair Mask

Ingredients Pure maple syrup Lard (you can nix this if you don’t have any on hand) Honey Wide-toothed comb A shower cap or Saran Wrap Instructions Mix 3 tbsp. pure maple syrup (always better on pancakes than Aunt Jemima’s so it’s good to have on hand for breakfast, too), 2 tbsp lard (if you don’t [...]

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Mint Conditioning Rinse

Ingredients 2 mint tea bags or a handful of mint leaves 2 cups of water Instructions Steep 2 mint tea bags or a handful of fresh mint in 2 cups of boiling water. After the water has cooled, remove the tea bags or strain out the mint. Use the mint tea as a refreshing hair [...]

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Emulsifying Wax Hair Conditioner

Ingredients 2 tablespoons (30ml) Carrier Oil for your hair type (see above) 1 tablespoon (3-4g) Emulsifying Wax 1/2 tsp (2.5ml) Vitamin E (or 2 capsules) 1/2 cup (125ml) distilled Water or Herbal Infusion 5 drops Grapefruit Seed extract Essential Oil Blend for your hair type Instructions Stir together the oil and emulsifying wax in the [...]

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Fenugreek Hair Mask

Ingredients Fenugreek seeds 1 TSP Honey 1 TSP Black Tea Extract 1 TBS Castor Oil 1 TBS Thyme oil 1/2 TSP Ingredients Soak the Fenugreek seeds overnight or boil it for ½ an hour, renewing water. Blend the softened fenugreek with the rest of ingredients to make a paste. Massage this paste on scalp and [...]

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